MOVING? Bulldog Boxes will make it Easier!


Here's How It Works

We Deliver

No more wasted time searching for used boxes. Bulldog Boxes are conveniently delivered right to your door. You can start packing as soon as they arrive because there’s no assembly needed.

You Pack & Move

You won’t believe how quick and easy you’ll be able to pack your items. Once the first Bulldog Box is packed, close the lid, stack an empty on top, and you’re ready to go again.

We Pickup

Once you’re moved in and unpacked, we pick’em back up. There’s no disassembly, disposal or hauling off to be recycled like you need to do with cardboard boxes.

Why Should You Use Bulldog Boxes?

Here are a few reasons…Okay, so more like 20 reasons.


They can be reused hundreds of times, keeping tons of cardboard from going to our landfills.


They’re conveniently delivered right to your door, ready to pack. Once you move, we pick them back up.

Cost Less

Renting Bulldog Boxes costs less when compared with buying new cardboard boxes.

Faster Packing

Since they’re ready to go and there’s no taping, you can pack 3 times faster!


Bulldog Boxes are industrial strength.  Cardboard boxes or cheap totes won’t stand up during transportation.

No Tape Needed

Really, who likes fighting a roll of tape? Pretty stressful when you can’t seem to find the end.

Stack Together

Bulldog Boxes are made to stack.  The bottom of one box fits securely into the top of the box underneath.

No Assembly Time

They’re ready to go, you won’t need to spend a single minute assembling like you do with cardboard.

No Disposal

You’ll feel great knowing you aren’t sending a mountain of cardboard to the landfill (so will your garbage man).

Water Proof

Is it going to rain on moving day? No one knows, but we all know what happens to cardboard when it gets wet.

No Critters

Do you really know where those free boxes have been? Cardboard boxes have folds and hiding spots for bugs. Ewww!

They're Clean

We thoroughly clean each box one by one after each use with a non-toxic disinfectant cleaner.

They Roll

That’s right! Your boxes will come with specialized dollys that can be used to roll the boxes room to room while packing.

Have Handles

It just keeps gettin’ better! Each box has handles toward the top which means you won’t have to bend over as far to pickup.

100% Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied for any reason within the first 24 hours, we’ll pick them up and refund your money 100%.


The attached lids close tightly and can be secured with zip ties or even a small padlock to keep from being opened on move day.

Nest Together

When the BulldogBoxes are empty, they fit inside each other saving space in your house or garage.

Saves Sanity

Moving is the third most stressful event in life.  Using Bulldog Boxes helps relieve some of that stress.

Faster Loading

When your movers are loading the moving truck, it’s faster when they can stack boxes all the same size.

No Searching

No need to spend hours searching for used cardboard boxes, and carting them home three or four at a time.

Did You Know That Cardboard Waste Makes Up Over 40% Of Our Landfill Space?

These statistics are based on just 100 moves using cardboard boxes

Trees Felled & Used To Produce The Required # Of Boxes
Kw of Electricity Consumed During Production
Gallons of Oil To Deliver Raw materials & Finished Product
Cubic Feet of Landfill Space Occupied Upon Disposal
Over 43 million people move every year in the U.S. The average move uses 60 boxes. That amounts to 2.5 Billion boxes per year – just for people moving. Even recycling this many boxes uses vast amounts of energy resources. Re-use is the best way to go, but cardboard boxes can usually only be used 2-3 times at most. Bulldog Boxes can be used hundreds of times.


“Great customer service, very professional. Possessions remained safe and there was no damage. Excellent overall service at a reasonable price. Boxes were clean and sturdy. We were happy with absolutely everything!”
Michael K, East Peoria, IL
“We used Bulldog Boxes for our recent move and they were outstanding.  Easy to pack, environmentally friendly, and the moving company said they were so much easier than cardboard boxes to stack and carry.  And the best part – they dropped them off and picked them up after our move!!”
Kari J, Dunlap, IL
“Stackable and I could wheel them around from place to place while I packed & unpacked.  A real back saver!”
Julie W, Morton, IL
“They were great. Right size, stackable.  Two thumbs up!”
Linda G, Washington, IL
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